Turning your investment prospects into buyers

Imagine going up to someone you just met and asking them to marry you. 

What response is that likely to get? 

Yet, many companies are using that same approach when it comes to selling investments. 

The truth is, very few people will buy a product or service on their first encounter with it. You need to warm up the prospect by acquainting them with the benefits of using your product or service.

More importantly, when selling investment products such as wine or whisky investments, you need to gain their trust. 

The higher the price point, the more time you need to spend on this warm-up phase.

When it comes to digital marketing, the first step is to get the prospect into a marketing funnel. 

A marketing funnel is simply a system that helps you:

  • attract consumers
  • turn them into leads or prospects
  • educate and warm them up 
  • convert them into paying customers

Why is it called a funnel? Well, the graphical concept of a marketing funnel actually resembles a physical funnel. It is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The top part represents the large volume of leads that come in and as you go down the funnel, the less qualified leads are filtered out and you are left with a smaller number of high-quality leads at the bottom.

With what we do for our clients, the funnel also acts as a barrier to entry, so that your sales team only talks to prospects who have the money and are ready to act. 

There are many types of funnels that can be built, but you need to find one that works for your offer. 

Once you have a funnel built, then you’ll need to put traffic or visitors into your funnel. 

The most reliable way to do this is using paid advertising, such as ads on social media or search engines like Google. 

For example, since we are looking to promote alternative investments, we could run an ad with a message like “Did you know that since 2004, wine has yielded a return of 204% whereas the stock market has only yielded 129% over the same period?”

The call to action then would be to download a report on the wine industry in exchange for their contact details. 

The next step is to educate them. 

In our funnels the leads go through an email ‘drip’ sequence – that’s geared to educate prospects. 

In this email sequence, we send them information ranging from the basics of wine investing to more advanced topics… like the potential return on investment, possible risk factors, frequently asked questions, and the future outlook for wine.

Towards the end of this email series, our leads are primed and ready to talk to the investment advisor. While not everyone reads the emails, the prospects are in general more educated about wine investing and in general, much more interested than someone who just signed up for an ‘investment guide’. 

Our lead generation and nurturing systems have delivered amazing results. You can watch a case study video here https://www.altvestmedia.com.

With specialised knowledge and experience generating leads for the wine and whisk(e)y investment niches, we pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality investment leads. 

If you would like to find out more about our no risk, ‘pay for performance’ model… get in touch with us by clicking the enquiry button below.   

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